Better Mental Health - Less Stress and Anxiety

for Art/Book Collectors and Entrepreneurs

Mike Cecotka

Contemporary Artist/Author/Speaker

Coming Soon

Chapter 1 - Art/Poetry/Reflection/Writing Exercises

Reading this book is like feeling a too-tight knot untangling, a headache leaving, the weight on the shoulders getting lighter”

“More than just a book; it's an experience that has made me appreciate the beauty of combining words, art, and introspection”

“The journey through these haikus is a journey within—one that reveals insights, prompts self-reflection, and ignites a desire for inner growth”

“The fusion of poetic verses with captivating visuals creates a sensory experience that transcends mere reading, elevating it to an immersive journey of the senses.”

“ The reflection exercises were incredibly helpful and the old wisdom accompanying each chapter of haiku was great.”

“I found the affirmations very soothing and the Asian calligraphy is evocative, stirring the emotions.”


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